Progressions in Conversation, Set. 2

Keenan Reimer-Watts

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Progressions in Conversation, sets 1 and 2, are pieces that came out of the years of living in Ottawa. I think that this is due to the political nature of the city, and the fact that it's a city, and I hadn't lived in a place with that many people before. They are all variations on a chord progression that is played around the start of the piece. They are presented here for solo piano, but at one point I added electronics, and have recordings of these pieces with electronics. Since I used some news sources, I can't profit off this, but I can send it to you if you ask!

Set 1 has to do with environmentalism - the electronics in the first progression are clips of natural disaster footage from around the world, but all in English, so I suppose it gives it a western-centric feeling. My hope is that as it is performed more, I will be able to put together different tracks made up of different languages, native to the location in which it is being performed. The electronics in the second progression were sourced a round-table event as part of the David Suzuki Foundations 'Blue Dot Tour'. Here, people from across Canada gathered to talk about the environmental crisis that is facing humanity today, and what we can do about it. ​ In the first progression of Set 2, I was thinking about time, and kids, and how people grow up. I suppose this is one of the facts of life, that time passes, but it's sometimes an overwhelming thing to think about. I'm sure that if you think hard enough you can remember a time when it struck you as well. So, this was an attempt to express that sentiment, and perhaps also the feeling of nostalgia for innocence in youth. ​ The second progression leans more towards everyday tough questions that I'm sure people ask themselves, but don't seem to talk openly about very much. These are the overarching, existential questions such as 'what are we doing here?', 'where are we going, with all of our development?', 'who are we, as a species, as people?', and the like. This piece stemmed from a simple concept, simply thinking about what we as people are doing on this planet.

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